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Armpit rash: 10 possible causes and ways to treat them

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Armpit rashes are small, easy and dry bumps which are uncomfortable on the pores and skin. Usually these rashes keep on the pores and skin for just a few hours. Nonetheless, it turns into much more disturbing when it takes a very long time to clear up.

An underarm rash is a response that’s typically triggered by irritants or allergens, or by underlying medical circumstances. It could actually vary from gentle to extra extreme relying on the trigger.

This put up describes the totally different potential causes of underarm rash and offers remedy choices to think about relying on the reason for underarm rash.

armpit rash

What are the causes of underarm rash?

You are in all probability questioning what may have precipitated your underarm rash. It is regular to fret, particularly if it occurs repeatedly. Listed here are some issues that trigger bumps, redness and dryness within the armpits:


One of many important irritants that trigger a rash underneath the armpits is warmth. A warmth rash is a cluster of small pimple-like eruptions or blisters that may be itchy or painful.

You most frequently expertise a small warmth rash in your armpits when uncovered to warmth. Extra sweat and oil can block your sweat glands, which then causes a warmth rash.

Nonetheless, warmth rash doesn’t take lengthy to resolve. You may apply lotion or stinging powder to clear the itchy rash.

Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis rashes happen because of your contact with any irritants or allergens that set off an immune response. Usually that is an allergic response to a substance that comes into contact with the pores and skin. You probably have delicate pores and skin, sure merchandise equivalent to shaving cream, cleaning soap, cream, deodorant, and antiperspirants may cause an underarm rash.

It’s possible you’ll not discover any pores and skin response, maybe for days or perhaps weeks after you begin utilizing the product that irritates your pores and skin. Within the case of contact dermatitis, the rash typically seems crimson and extra bumpy. It could actually additionally seem as blisters within the space touched by the allergen.

In case your underarm rash is attributable to allergic contact dermatitis or irritant contact dermatitis, you will wish to take your time to search out out what product your physique is reacting to. Contact dermatitis can recur if you happen to do not keep away from the allergen or irritants that trigger the rash.


Shaving can also be one of many important causes of underarm rash. In the event you discover underarm breakouts after shaving your underarms, it is as a result of your hair follicles are irritated.

Folliculitis is a gentle pimples rash attributable to improper shaving. Any such underarm rash is a crimson, tiny, and painful bump attributable to ingrown hairs or a razor rubbing in opposition to the pores and skin. It’s possible you’ll expertise itching, burning or irritation within the space after shaving.

It’s possible you’ll have to keep away from shaving for some time till the rash heals.

Candida an infection

Underarm rashes can be the results of fungal infections that have an effect on moist areas of the pores and skin that aren’t uncovered to air. Also referred to as a yeast an infection, it causes swelling, redness, itching and a scaly rash.

A few of the causes of candida an infection embrace; scorching climate, poor hygiene, tight clothes and a weakened immune system. To forestall an underarm rash attributable to this an infection, you wish to forestall moisture from build up within the underarm space.

Reverse psoriasis

In comparison with different pores and skin reactions attributable to an infection, that is an inflammatory pores and skin illness attributable to psoriasis. It most frequently impacts the armpits or different areas of the physique the place there are pores and skin folds.

Along with the armpits, inverse psoriasis can seem in locations the place the pores and skin rubs, such because the genital space, in addition to behind the knees and elbows.

Inverse psoriasis is exclusive to the contact as a result of it feels easy and outlined on the pores and skin. Folks with darker pores and skin tones might have an underarm rash that appears grey, darker, or purple. On lighter pores and skin, the rashes attributable to inverse psoriasis are crimson.

You may additionally expertise one thing unlikely, equivalent to a horrible scent, itching and wetness underneath the armpits. Any such rash is commonly present in delicate elements of the physique and should require applicable analysis.


This can be a fungal pores and skin an infection that causes an underarm rash. Though you may suppose this kind of rash is attributable to worms, ringworm or Tinea Corporis is definitely a fungus.

Ringworm rashes seem crimson and raised with scaly patches. These armpit rashes develop in a circle and really feel itchy. As well as, ringworm seems dry, swollen and blistered.

Seborrheic dermatitis

These are breakouts underneath the armpits that block the sebaceous glands. Seborrheic dermatitis is a pores and skin an infection attributable to extra sebum. They typically seem white or yellow as spots, flakes, and scales.

An underarm rash attributable to seborrheic dermatitis additionally seems swollen, itchy, greasy, and crimson. This can be a kind of eczematous rash, which is a persistent inflammatory pores and skin situation that may happen in folks with eczema.

Atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is a persistent pores and skin situation, also referred to as eczema, that causes irritation and rashes on varied elements of the physique, such because the armpits. This situation impacts the pores and skin barrier and weakens the immune system, making the pores and skin susceptible to irritants and allergens.

This situation causes the pores and skin to change into infected, crusty, itchy, dry, and flaky. Patches may launch fluid. Regardless of the itching, scratching must be prevented so as to not worsen the signs and additional harm the pores and skin.


Chafing happens when the pores and skin rubs in opposition to itself or clothes for an uncomfortable period of time. Chafing can have an effect on your armpit as a result of it is the a part of the physique the place the pores and skin folds and rubs in opposition to itself, leading to an underarm rash.

Chafing is extra more likely to happen in the summertime and spring as a result of this a part of your pores and skin is moist and extra inclined to irritants.

A rash that rubs off seems crimson and swollen, and the highest of the pores and skin might seem darkish. This underarm rash may trigger a burning sensation. It could actually additionally bleed whether it is heavy.

Hydrodenitis suppurativa (HS)

Hidradenitis suppurativa (HH), generally known as pimples inversions, is a pores and skin situation that causes small and painful bumps in areas the place the pores and skin rubs collectively, such because the armpits, buttocks, breasts, and groin. It begins by blocking the hair follicles of the apocrine sweat glands.

Any such armpit rash can seem pus-filled and painful, reddish or darker, relying on the pores and skin shade. Nonetheless, this may worsen over time, leading to foul-smelling discharge. It could actually additionally trigger scarring of the pores and skin when the bumps rupture.

Therapy choices might fluctuate relying on the severity of the pores and skin situation.

What to do to stop armpit rash?

An underarm rash typically happens when the pores and skin is available in contact with an irritant or when the pores and skin rubs aggressively. Making some self-care adjustments may help forestall rashes. They embrace:

  • Select skincare merchandise that will not irritate your pores and skin. You wish to watch out when selecting soaps, deodorants, cleansers, and lotions.
  • Put on free clothes with breathable materials, particularly in summer season and spring.
  • Apply an anti-chafing oil or powder to areas of the pores and skin to cut back chafing.
  • All the time hold your armpits cool and dry. Bathe frequently if you happen to sweat lots as a result of you do not need moisture build-up.
  • Deal with any underlying pores and skin circumstances that could be inflicting the flare-up.
  • Apply unscented moisturizers to your underarms.

Underarm rash remedy choices to think about

There are such a lot of remedy choices, from over-the-counter medicines to dwelling cures. This remedy additionally depends upon the reason for the underarm rash.

House remedy for armpit rash

This can be a easy remedy that may be simply used to alleviate the signs of a rash equivalent to itchy pores and skin. In case your armpit rash is attributable to allergic contact dermatitis or pores and skin irritation, you possibly can do this remedy.

  • Use a chilly compress to cut back itching or swelling.
  • Bathe frequently to maintain your pores and skin cool and dry.
  • Keep away from tight clothes that may aggressively rub the pores and skin.
  • Apply unscented moisturizers or cooling powder to the scaly rash frequently.
  • You can too add oatmeal, salt, vinegar, or baking soda to your heat tub water.
  • Keep away from scratching or shaving till the underarm rash has healed.
  • Attempt including important oils, equivalent to lavender or tea tree, to your tub water to kill fungus


You may additionally wish to think about using pure cures for underarm rash remedy. It’s endorsed for persistent pores and skin circumstances equivalent to eczema. This contains remedy and prevention of triggers.

  • Scale back stress
  • Coconut oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Vitamin D dietary supplements
  • Topical vitamin B12


Continual irritation of the pores and skin requires prescription medicines. That is one other appropriate remedy to think about after you might have tried dwelling cures with out seeing any change. These remedy choices embrace:

  • Topical steroid cream
  • Topical calcineurin inhibitors
  • Native PDE4 inhibitors
  • Phototherapy
  • Medicines containing human immune proteins

Over-the-counter medicines

In case your armpit rash is the results of a pores and skin an infection or allergic contact dermatitis, there are a number of over-the-counter remedy choices you possibly can strive. Nonetheless, it’s best to seek the advice of a health care provider as a result of any over-the-counter medicine may be obtained with a correct prescription.

Over-the-counter cures for underarm rashes embrace:

  • Calamine lotions to cut back irritation
  • Antifungal lotions, gels, or sprays for yeast infections
  • Hydrocortisone lotions for eczema or contact dermatitis
  • Antihistamines to fight itching

Therapy choices for seborrheic dermatitiswith

Some efficient remedies for seborrheic dermatitis embrace:

  • Ointments with antibiotics
  • Native corticosteroids
  • Over-the-counter antifungal lotions
  • Pores and skin softening procedures

When do you have to see a health care provider about an armpit rash?

Whereas the rash often goes away by itself or may be simply managed with dwelling remedy, there may be circumstances of issues if a fungal or bacterial an infection is left untreated.

To forestall any issues, equivalent to sepsis, organ failure, or allergic rhinitis, it is advisable to know when to see a health care provider. You wish to see a health care provider if:

  • Your rash is painful or swollen with blisters
  • Bleeding, scent or discharge of pus
  • Armpit rashes unfold to the encompassing pores and skin
  • You expertise vomiting, constipation, nausea or diarrhea
  • The rash doesn’t reply to dwelling cures or over-the-counter cures
  • You’re feeling dizzy, confused, or have a stiff neck
  • Rashes develop shortly together with chilly arms and ft
  • Your physique abruptly shakes uncontrollably
  • You’re feeling feverish

Abstract of outcomes

Underarm rashes may be attributable to gentle or extra aggravating elements that it is advisable to take care of shortly to stop underarm discomfort or ache.

Therapy choices for armpit rash fluctuate relying on the severity of the rash. These may be oral medicines, antifungal medicines, or pure remedies.

Most underarm rashes may be handled with a mixture of dwelling cures and over-the-counter medicines. In circumstances the place these don’t work, you might want to think about prescription medicine.

It’s extremely advisable to search out out about any product that irritates your pores and skin or might trigger allergic reactions equivalent to rashes. You additionally wish to keep away from humid environments that may make your pores and skin moist, so at all times hold your underarms cool and dry.

I hope you discovered this content material helpful. What’s your underarm rash remedy?

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