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What causes curly hair? + 4 easy ways to tame

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If in case you have ever struggled with frizzy hair or are scuffling with it now, that it isn’t simple to combat and overcome this downside.

So many individuals wrestle with frizzy hair, particularly on humid days. Frizz is attributable to a scarcity of moisture within the hair, inflicting particular person strands to soak up an excessive amount of moisture from the air round them.

Though it’s generally attributable to humidity, sure washing and styling habits can even trigger it. Nevertheless, you possibly can simply tame frizz by making a couple of strategic modifications to your hair care routine.

On this weblog put up, you will be taught what causes frizzy hair and a few easy recommendations on the best way to tame it. Your hair deserves to at all times look shiny, so sit again and discover ways to obtain it!

what causes frizzy hair

What causes curly hair?

There are lots of elements that contribute to why you might have curly hair. If you’re questioning why your hair is frizzy, beneath are the primary elements that contribute to it:

Over washing hair

Individuals usually assume that washing their hair usually moisturizes it, however what they do not know is that it causes extra frizz than you may think.

While you over-wash your hair, you strip it of its pure oils, leaving you with dry hair and a scalp that is extra liable to frizz.

Additionally, frequent use of shampoos that you could be not know are damaging your hair’s cuticles can throw off your hair’s steadiness. If you must wash your hair, it should not be greater than two or thrice every week.

Extreme warmth setting and chemical remedy

Frequent use of warmth styling merchandise corresponding to blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons can even trigger frizz. Some individuals are so used to flat ironing their hair, not understanding that extreme warmth publicity to the hair can harm the hair cuticle.

Warmth harm weakens hair and makes it extra inclined to breakage and cut up ends.

Sure styling habits corresponding to coloring, perming and enjoyable can even trigger frizzy hair. That is as a result of the chemical compounds in these remedies strip pure hair of moisture, making it frizzier.

Heat styling - causes of curly hair

Dry hair with a towel

The best way you dry moist hair can even trigger frizz. While you towel dry your hair vigorously, you enhance the friction between the towel and the hair strands. This lifts the hair cuticles – the outer protecting layer of the hair strand and causes breakage, ultimately resulting in frizz.

As an alternative of utilizing common cotton towels to dry your hair, you must go for a microfiber towel that reduces friction.

Hair kind and texture

One more reason for curly hair is hair kind. Curly hair is extra liable to frizz than different hair varieties. Your hair kind relies on the form of your hair follicles. Oval or asymmetrical follicles give rise to the curly hair kind.

Curly hair is of course liable to frizz and tends to have extra raised cuticles, making it inclined to moisture-related frizz.

Straight hair can even turn into frizzy as a consequence of warmth harm or lack of moisture.


You must also know that environmental elements corresponding to humidity trigger frizzy hair. Curls usually tend to seem on a damp day, particularly if the hair is just too dry.

The cuticle of dry hair opens up and permits extra moisture from the air to penetrate the hair shaft. This causes the cuticle to swell and the hair to turn into frizzy.

Harsh hair care merchandise

Harsh hair merchandise construct up hair and strip it of its pure oils. Merchandise containing alcohol may cause hair to turn into dry and frizzy. Another hair merchandise are already formulated to manage frizz and may help tame frizz.

Utilizing the flawed kind of comb to comb your hair can even trigger frizzy hair. Utilizing a wide-tooth comb on damp hair will assist decrease breakage.

The way to tame curly hair

Now that what causes frizzy hair, let’s dive into the best way to tame it. Listed below are 4 simple methods to do it:

Scale back the usage of warmth styling merchandise

If you’re used to warmth styling your hair and might’t cease it immediately, then you might want to scale back it to forestall warmth harm to your hair.

Now that extreme warmth styling is unhealthy to your hair. Subsequently, you must at all times apply a warmth protectant spray to your hair first earlier than utilizing any warmth styling product.

Additionally, when drying your hair, use a blow dryer in a cool setting to guard your hair.

Gently dry your hair

All the time use a microfiber towel to softly take up extra water out of your hair and decrease harm, fairly than rubbing it vigorously.

You may as well air dry your hair as it is a conventional technique to cut back friction and warmth harm.

Select the correct hair merchandise

Search for hair care merchandise which are particularly designed to cut back frizz and add them to your hair care routine. Hair oils and serums may help easy the hair cuticle and add shine to the hair.

You may additionally need to use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners whenever you wash your hair to make sure it stays adequately moisturized. Making use of a deep conditioner to your hair can even assist replenish misplaced moisture.

Keep away from washing your hair with scorching water

If you wish to tame frizz simply, you might want to cease taking frequent scorching water/showers. Whereas a scorching bathe will be enjoyable, particularly within the winter, it would not do your hair any good. It solely strips the hair of its pure oils.

When the oil is gone, the hair turns into uninteresting, dry and loses its shine. So you might want to use heat water to forestall frizzy hair.

Abstract of outcomes

Now you might have it – your solutions to what causes frizzy hair and the best way to scale back or tame it. Though all of us have totally different hair varieties, you must know that nobody is proof against curly hair.

Frizzy hair is commonly prompted by means of styling merchandise, over-washing, humidity, harsh hair care merchandise and extreme friction from utilizing cotton towels.

To stop frizz, you might want to keep away from highly regarded showers and use heat water in order that your hair would not lose its oil. You must also dry your hair with a microfiber towel, decrease the usage of warmth styling instruments, and use hair care merchandise that assist combat frizz.

For those who can observe the following tips, you’ll at all times have shiny and wholesome hair.

I hope you discovered this content material helpful. Share your ideas with us within the remark field beneath.

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